Terry’s Birthday (VanLanta)


I’m Terry.  I operate VanLanta, The One Inc’s Atlanta Van.  And, my birthday is in 30 days (August 17th).  I have only one wish for my birthday: to raise as much money for VanLanta as one possibly can.  So, for the next 30 days, I’m asking you to donate generously and often to VanLanta here.


The VanLanta came to the Atlanta Metro area in February of 2012 and since February we have served hundreds of our ATL friends who sleep outside.  And, we’re going to continue to do so.  Every week, I meet someone who had a bed the previous week.  We do our best to make that transition into houselessness as painless as possible, by provinding them bedding, clothing and tents (when we can).  We love what we’re doing, but if we want to keep doing it, we have to have your support.  Please, consider going here and setting up a monthly donation of $5 to $100. Don’t forget to specify it’s for VanLanta if this post urged you to donate!


Thanks so much! If you’re wondering about our other needs, check this out.

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