Meet Our Fleet

It’s hard to imagine that one man’s vision of a van, that he didn’t even have at the time, that would visit homeless camps in the area to provide much needed supplies to our homeless friends has grown into what it is today. It hasn’t been easy, the concept hasn’t been compromised from what Aaron Reddin originally envisioned simply because he hasn’t allowed it to. Through Aaron’s hard work, the generosity of our friends and followers, and a lot of favor from God, our fleet that started out in the back of the Reddin’s personal vehicle has grown into an impressive fleet of machines that take to the streets everyday and do what has to be done so that no ONE is overlooked…

Checkout the bios from each member of our fleet below…

The Van (Original)

After telling some people that he wished that he could find an old van somewhere that he could pickup at a reasonable price to use as his primary transportation to get around to all of the homeless camps that were scattered around the area because he didn’t have enough room to store all of the supplies he needed to carry with him each night he received a phone call from an anonymous donor that instructed him to go to a certain address and pick up his van. Not only was this the van that Aaron had been praying for but it was also the same make and model that he had been looking for. The rest is history, The Van, as it is now famously known, has traveled thousands of miles around Central Arkansas delivering food, clothing, firewood, and many other supplies to those in need all the while sporting a very unique, home-made paint scheme complete w/ red flames down each side and a bright yellow hood w/ black racing stripe. In addition to this unique paint scheme, The Van also carries on it’s exterior thousands of signatures and messages hand-written by those who’s lives have been affected in some way by it’s purpose.

The Van has been featured on hundreds of radio programs, television news, newspapers, and magazines throughout the region as well as nationally. It’s operator, Aaron Reddin, has also been featured on K-LOVE Radio and has appeared as a homeless advocate on the Dr. Phil Show. To learn more about The Van, and it’s mission, be sure to follow it on Twitter and Facebook where it has developed quite a following.


The Mission Machine

The Mission Machine is located in Searcy, Arkansas and is operated by Seth Simmons. The Mission Machine was our second van to enter the fleet and it services the needs of our Unsheltered friends in White County. Sporting a non-traditional lime green paint scheme, the Mission Machine is not hard to notice on the streets of White County, and since the Mission Machine falls under the 501c3 umbrella of The One, Inc. so any donations or support it receives are tax deductible. For more information on The Mission Machine, be sure to connect w/ it on Facebook and Twitter.


The Russ Bus

The Russ Bus is headquartered in Russellville, AR and from there serves a giant area of the Russ Bus LogoRiver Valley.  With a core group of 5 coming together to get this van off the ground, it has grown beyond any of our expectations.  In less than a year we have been able to serve hundreds in the River Valley, from pregnant homeless teens to folks who just need a hug and friend.  The Russ Bus is the real deal and it’s making a real impact in the area it serves. If you’d like to connect with The Russ Bus, check out their Facebook page!


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