Monthly Update

Today was one of the hardest days I’ve had doing this work…


Today the story we hope we never hear, I heard….


Today, the stories I’ve heard friends like Aaron Reddin (The Van) and Hugh Hollowell ( tell happened around me…


A woman who has made the hard decision to be homeless (because the alternative is to share a home with an abusive male) named Luann (name has been changed, obviously) introduced herself to me.  We talked for about a half hour.  We cried.  We hugged.  And she knows, if she needs anything, she can give me a call.


This is the kind of work I do.  I don’t just give folks clothes, soap and socks.  I do my best to give folks a friend.  I do my best to give folks an ear that they wouldn’t get at other places.  I do my best to give folks a judgment free zone so they can tell their story without worrying whether or not I’m going to think less of them or stop helping them.


However, I do give folks clothes, soap and socks. I make sure my friends are as comfortable as living in the woods allows.  And I need your help.


I need your old jackets that you’re going to give to some other 501(c)3.  We can give you the same type of tax receipt you would get from them.  I need gently used or new socks.  I need blankets, sleeping bags, tents and tooth brushes so that my friends aren’t sleeping on the ground and so that they might be able to retain a bit of self-respect.


I need to keep doing what I’m doing so folks who “choose” to sleep outside, because the only house they have is shared with an abusive partner can know they’re not alone.


I need your help.  You can donate right on this website or you can comment or send me an email at to talk about donating material items, an address to mail a check, or if you want me to come pick up something you want to donate.


The One Inc. needs your help.  Luann needs your help.  Jerome, Wanda, Minny, Mickey, Brandon and Justin need your help too.  These are folks that I have a relationship with that I help, week in and week out and I can’t do it without your help.



Terry R. Smith
Atlanta, GA

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