We all have different ideas of what a home looks like.  When I think of a home, I think of a wood stove similar to the one showed above, except ours was brown and rusted out.  It was the center of our home when our electricity would go out as a kid.  When I think of the house I grew up in, my fondest memories were of our brown wood stove.  The house I grew up in has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, two dining rooms, a large den and a big kitchen.    At the peaks of my growing up, sometimes there were as many as 15 folks living in this house.  We all lived together at different times because some of us were going through hard times and other sundries.  It is the house my grandfather built.  And when one of his kids, or friends, needed somewhere to sleep, we made room.  We made room because we loved one another.


Due to my rich, privileged childhood, I always knew I had family that loved me.  I always had a home.


I have a friend that I’m going to call Job.  Job has lost everything.  His kids have disowned him.  His wife has passed.  He can barely walk.  Job has told me every week for the past 3 months that on the 27th of this month he will turn 80.  So, I’m not quite sure how old Job is.  Three “27th of this month”‘s have passed since he first told me that he will turn 80 on the 27th.  Sometimes Job is very conscious and aware of his surroundings.  Today was one of those days.  Two weeks ago, when I saw him last, he was sure that his son, who hasn’t spoken to him in 5 years was coming to pick him up.  Today he spoke of a god that he loved that was mean and spiteful that was punishing Job for all of his sins.  Today he spoke of a god that didn’t care whether he lived or died.  I don’t know who this god is that Job is speaking of, but I know better.  But Job is currently very mad at this god and it breaks my heart.  So when this god (that Job has created in his mind to replace the ever loving, ‘I shall never leave nor forsake you’ God that I know) has forsaken Job, I am making it my duty to show Job that God has NOT forsaken him and that God loves him.  How do I do this?  I’m going to check on him every few days.  I am going to bring him a cup of coffee and a doughnut when I can.  I’m going to make sure he stays warm and survives this winter.


Below is a picture of where Job currently lives.  His home consists of a couch, where he sleeps, a recliner and a tarp hanging on some limbs to keep the rain off of him.  This is a picture of why VanLanta needs your support.  I need to keep what I’m doing so that Job knows he is loved.  If the name of this organization is “The One, Inc.”, Job is The One.  The 99 are fine in the field where they are supposed to be, but Job is currently lost.  He needs to know people care enough about him to go looking for him.   Job is The One.










If you haven’t yet, please consider becoming a monthly partner with The One, Inc.  The world is full of Job’s.

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