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After telling some people that he wished that he could find an old van somewhere that he could pickup at a reasonable price to use as his primary transportation to get around to all of the homeless camps that were scattered around the area because he didn't have enough room to store all of the supplies he needed to carry with him each night he received a phone call from an anonymous donor that instructed him to go to a certain address and pick up his van. Not only was this the van that Aaron had been praying for but it was also the same make and model that he had been looking for. The rest is history, The Van, as it is now famously known, has traveled thousands of miles around Central Arkansas delivering food, clothing, firewood, and many other supplies to those in need all the while sporting a very unique, home-made paint scheme complete w/ red flames down each side and a bright yellow hood w/ black racing stripe. In addition to this unique paint scheme, The Van also carries on it's exterior thousands of signatures and messages hand-written by those who's lives have been affected in some way by it's purpose.

The Van has been featured on thousands of radio programs, television news, newspapers, and magazines throughout the region as well as nationally. It's operator, Aaron Reddin, has also been featured on K-LOVE Radio and has appeared as a homeless advocate on the Dr. Phil Show. To learn more about The Van, and it's mission, be sure to follow it on Twitter and Facebook where it has developed quite a following.

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THE VAN: Current Needs and Wish List 10/3/13


Please share this post to get the word out and let’s meet some needs this winter!  

Current needs as we move into fall/winter and the temps are dropping (and will continue to drop) at night:



Sleeping bags


Coats (all sizes)


New underwear (all sizes)


Batteries (all sizes for flashlights and weather radios)

Working AND nonworking refrigerators

Fuel cards (well, because we are a mobile resource and use a lot of gas)


Current “wishlist” or things that would help us serve our homeless neighbors:

Lumber to build more shelving and hanging racks in the warehouse (2×4′s, plywood, pvc)

Pallet jack

Metal shelving or racks

Spotlight for The Van


Drop off locations for donations are listed HERE.

And of course you can always support our efforts financially HERE.  We sincerely appreciate all of you who continue to make these efforts possible!  Much love, y’all!


Christmas Karaoke…..SUCCESS!!

 We really hate it for you if you missed it!  What a blast!  Our very first fundraiser, after all this time, worked!  Thanks to many of you who made it, and several who couldn’t, we reached our matching $2,500 grant from Modern Woodmen.  Thanks to you all, we had over a $5,000 night.  Y’all are so incredible!

A few mentions and thanks:

Modern Woodmen, thank you so much for this matching grant!!  This is huge, and will go a long way this winter!  Love ya Marsha!!

Sweet Love Bakes, thank you for the awesome spread of sweets for our silent auction!  It did great!!  You rock, Kelli!!

Swearingen Family, thank for the personalized “The One, Inc.” iPod!  It did well also.  Love y’all!

Stephen Cefalo, thank you for the incredible drawing!  It did VERY well, and was a huge help in reaching our goal.

Jacob Slaton Photography, thanks for the photo session for the silent auction, man!  Somebody will be very pleased!!

CWP Productions, for providing all the lighting and sound for our DJ to rock it out on!!  Love ya Chris!

Ryan Byrd, for doing some stellar design work for us!  You’re a beast.

Thank you again to EVERYONE who made this possible!  I’m sure I’m forgetting something/someone.  Please forgive me if so.  

Can’t Attend Christmas Karaoke? You Can Still Help Us Reach Our Matching Grant!

This Saturday is our Christmas Karaoke for The Van!  Many have said that they will be traveling, etc. and unable to attend.  Never fear!!  You can still help us reach this goal, which is a $5,000 night!  If you give using this link between now and Saturday, you’re money will be matched dollar for dollar up to $2,500!!  Thank you all so much for all the support you’ve shown us over the last couple years!  You’re all amazing!

Christmas Karaoke to benefit The Van!

We have been awarded a matching grant from Modern Woodmen for up to $2,500 for this event.  We would love to see you there! There are ONLY 100 tickets so please be sure to get yours quick.  They are available at:


Sweet Love Bakes


8210 Cantrell Rd in Little Rock




Bob’s Pawn Shop


3713 MacArthur Drive in North Little Rock

Hello Sherwood!!


We’re pleased to announce a new “official” donation drop-off spot in your neck of the woods.

Brian Thompson Shelter Insurance
9903 Brockington Rd., Ste 103
Sherwood, AR 72120

Please begin overloading Brian with blankets/coats/socks immediately!! :)  And give his facebook page a “like” here:

Make Plans to Attend Field Hands on Saturday, August 18th!!!

Please make plans now to attend the first annual ‘Field Hands’ Event / Fundraiser for The One, Inc. at the White Water Tavern on Saturday, August 18, 2012 at 8pm. The cost to get into the show is only $10 @ the door and the proceeds go to benefit “The Field”.  The headline artists include: The Salty Dogs, Monkhouse, and Jody Evans plus other friends and guests. Watch for details and announcements regarding the event as well as how you can have your own, limited-edition Field Hands T-Shirt!  Just keep your eyes on the website…

By the way, you can RSVP for the event on Facebook. (Please share the event page with as many people as you can so we can have an awesome turnout!!)

Sneak Peak at the Field Hands T-Shirt Design:
Stay tuned to our website for details on how you can get one!!


The Van Gets Some Love From KATV Channel 7

To read/view the story on KATV’s website, click HERE.

Current Needs and Wish List 11/21/11

We are frequently asked what our current needs are, and sometimes asked what we would wish for if we could have something to make our operations easier.

Here are a few things in both categories. And drop-off locations are listed HERE.

Immediate Needs:

Washers and Dryers (electric)

Bus Passes or Tokens for homeless friends needing transportation.

Fire Extinguishers for our warehouse and vehicles.

Pallet Jack or Forklift

Clothing Racks

Socks (men & women)

Underwear (men & women)

Razors and Shaving Cream


Sleeping bags


Fuel cards


Deep Freezes

*reminder* We do recycle aluminum cans and scrap metal to help fund our efforts. If you could help us save cans or have any junk metal, that would be an easy and effective way to help drive our ministry!

Wish List:

ATV – We are seeking some type of ATV that would allow us to haul large amounts of supplies through the woods to some of the homeless camps that we serve. This would save us a lot of time and allow us to serve more people.  We can only get our vans/trucks so close to most of the camps, and then haul firewood etc. in by hand.

Box truck – As we continue growing, we receive more and more bulk donations. We are “wishing” for a box truck that would equip us to pick up larger donations and those that come on pallets.

Vans – One of our big missions is to establish more “Vans” in more places. The number of requests for help that we are getting from other geographic areas is increasing. In order to serve these people, we need more vans. If you would like to donate an old (or new) van, or contribute to the purchase of more vans, please let us know!

Happy “Socktober” from Love in Stereo!!


A couple weeks ago I got an email from Brad at Love In Stereo.  He said that he had been doing a silly sock give away on his blog, but wanted to turn it into something real…..something that mattered.  He said he wanted to use this silly sock thing to help us stock up on socks.

So he wrote a song.  But not just any song.  A song that you can purchase for a simple $5 and all the proceeds are going to go to stocking our sock supply!  I’m pretty sure this song will now be the “official” theme song for The Van.

Here, let him tell you more about it….


How cool is that??  Wanna check out the “music video” of this socksong? Check it…


To see more of what Love in Stereo is doing to help us, check out!!