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The Van Decals!

It only took 4 1/2 years for us to get around to it, but we finally have The Van decals!  We’re very pleased with these.  They came from our awesome friends over at CustomXM.  TheyContinue reading

How You Can Help The Van!

We’ve had a lot of interest lately from folks who want to help. We wanted to share one of the biggest, most important ways that folks could help us out right now… Not only didContinue reading

We Have a Volunteer Coordinator!

Big news at The One this week. We finally have an official volunteer coordinator! One of the coolest people in the whole world, Emily Gaiser, has offered to coordinate with any person or group interestedContinue reading

Big Thanks to Hot Dog Mike!!!

As many of you in Central Arkansas might have already seen, our good friend and mega-supporter, Hot Dog Mike, recently created the world’s most expensive hot dog and he sold it to help us outContinue reading