VANAPALOOZA 2014, Saturday, June 28th at Rev Room

Join us Saturday, June 28th for VANAPALOOZA 2014 at Rev Room!  Event sponsored by Arkansas Music United, featuring music by Knox Hamilton, Siversa, The Federalis, Thin Margins, and The Whole Famn Damily!



Great video about The Field!

Great video about The Field by P. Allen Smith!

Aaron talks to KARK’s Matt Mosler

Aaron talks to KARK‘s Matt Mosler about helping the homeless get out of the cold.

9-Year-Old Alex Stafford Makes a Selfless Decision

What a generous heart this young man has! Way to go, Alex! Thank you!

Read the full story on KARK‘s website here.

On Dec. 29, Alex Stafford turned 9, but instead of gifts, he turned his attention to others. At his birthday party, Alex collected donations for The Van, a local organization targeting homelessness in Arkansas.

Alex said, “My birthday is like 4 days after Christmas, so I decided I didn’t need that many presents.”

Alex’s mother, Michelle added, “He came to us and said instead of presents this year, I’d like to give blankets and gloves to the homeless.”

He collected 31 blankets, 33 pairs of socks, 6 hats, 9 pairs of shoes, a bag of clothes, and $120.

Alex said, “Cause I wanted to give to the homeless, I felt like I had much more than them.”

Aaron Reddin from The Van said, “Its really humbling to just experience a child wanting to help and wanting to give like that, because you know it is so pure.”

As the temperatures dive below freezing this weekend, Alex’s gifts will help keep people warm.

Reddin said, “I do look forward to letting them (homeless) know, this came from a nine year old who decided he had enough and wanted to help.”

As he left Alex was able to sign his name on The Van’s van, allow his legacy to stay with this organization.

Reddin said Alex’s legacy will go further with his giving heart, “It just assures them, you know, that our community cares today, and clearly it will care tomorrow when the children of our community are stepping up and helping.”

Ain’t That Angry by Monkhouse

“About three years ago I rode with The Van’s Aaron Reddin during a national census of the Homeless population. Aaron, Red, and others scoured the forgotten parts of the city in search of Aaron’s friends living in tents, under bridges, and behind downtown office buildings. In the months to follow, I was unable to forget the experience or the conversations we had that evening. It was a very cold night and I was particularly haunted by a question Aaron posed. On a night where the temperatures would dip into the teens, the lines outside the local shelters were long. The Salvation Army, I learned, charged $7.00 for a bed for the night. Aaron’s question was simply this…

“if you were homeless and the only other choice was to risk freezing to death; what would you do for $7.00? How far would you degrade yourself for a chance to sleep inside?”

A year later, that question became this song…

*Proceeds from this download will go DIRECTLY to support The One, Inc. in their efforts to serve the homeless in Central Arkansas and around the state.”  – Mark Currey & Monkhouse

WAR’M CHIEF! 2nd Annual WAR’M CHIEF Party

warm chief

War Chief announces their 2nd Annual WAR’M CHIEF Party 

at Stickyz Rock N’ Roll Chicken Shack to benefit The Van!

Connect with War Chief on FB here.

Update on our building campaign

#Soctober was so cool! But we still have a LOT of work to do.
Please watch Kid President’s video UPDATE on cool things people did during #Socktober – and make sure you watch till the end to hear the update on our women’s house!
Then SHARE! And DONATE! Thanks everyone!

Update on Moose Cleaners “Coats For the Homeless”

Just picked up our first load of coats from Moose Cleaners. Almost 80 coats! Thanks Moose and all who are giving! Keep them coming! Moose Cleaners will be collecting for us through November 30th at the locations listed on the poster below.

#Socktober is blowin’ up!!


Youtube mega-heroes THE GREGORY BROTHERS have teamed up with Kid President to create a song for #SOCKTOBER! Purchase the song and help us build a safe place for women and kids who are homeless in Little Rock, Arkansas! Find out more at

BUY THE SONG on iTunes:

Check out the music video here!…
Check out the Gregory Brothers Channel!


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