Board of Directors

All projects and services provided by The One, Inc. and our subsidiaries (ie. The Van, The Russ Bus, Mission Machine, The Field, The River Giver) are overseen and managed by our board of directors. Our board of directors perform numerous duties including overseeing the growth of our organization as well as the stewardship of our resources. If things go haywire, blame them…


aaron websiteAaron Reddin – President/Founder

Aaron has been described as a “crazy, guerrilla homeless advocate.”  He’s been fighting for our homeless neighbors for over 8 years.  He’s a proud Arkansan and lives to locate and love his unsheltered neighbors.



Brian headshotBrian Thompson – Vice President

Brian is an insurance agent in Sherwood, AR, and believes that every human being has the right to have their needs met regardless of lifestyle choice or living situation.  When Brian learned of The Van and its mission, he immediately started helping in whatever ways he could.
The 99 < The One really hits home with Brian because he truly believes “There but for the grace of God go I.”


DeeDeeDeeDee Helbig

DeeDee is the business owner of Ava Bella Day Spa in Little Rock, AR. She strongly believes in making a difference in people’s lives with creating a positive atmosphere. She will go to any length to help anyone, her compassion and motivating heart is contagious. Some characteristics provided by her closest friends include: very passionate, realistic, maintains dignity in stressful situations, extremely giving, and courageous. She is the mother of two young boys and is blessed with a supportive husband.


AnthonyAnthony K. Valley

Anthony is loved unconditionally by Jesus and serves him outright imperfectly flawed everyday. He is a reformed legalist transformed by God’s grace and undeserved love. Because of Jesus’ one-way love, Anthony understands his own brokenness and his calling to be a loving servant to other people. The One, Inc. is a priceless illustration of how loving people works — no rules, no apologies, just help.

Anthony is a member of Fellowship North where he serves on the Missions team, the High School Student Ministries, the Worship/Creative Arts team, and the Elder Board. Although he spent most of his professional career as an IT database professional/software developer, he is currently using his IT skill set as an Enterprise Marketing professional at Windstream. He is the husband to one amazing wife and father to four wonderful daughters.


PaulPaul Henry

Several years ago, Paul became a fan of Aaron and his mission to unconditionally reach out those who need help. Paul believes that true change in the world requires all of us humbly helping each other one-on-one by doing, not just talking about it. He is a strong believer in the command that we should love… and help… our neighbors as ourselves, and that everyone is our neighbor. Paul has been given much in life and feels obligated to give back to those who haven’t. He works for The Cone Group and is a member of Pleasant Valley Church of Christ.


headshot(1)Lisa Harrison – Secretary 

Lisa is innately drawn toward the hurting, marginalized and ignored. She will go to great lengths to make a difference in someone’s life. Lisa strongly believes that without action to back them up, our words are just noise and that we will live what we believe.  Lisa is a banker by day, but despises numbers. She loves Jesus and good coffee.  Some descriptive words submitted by her closest, dearest friends: humble; committed; servant; prefers to work behind the scenes; has to believe strongly in something to take a high profile part in it.



Legal Counsel / Professional Advisors

The One, Inc. consults with outside counsel from time to time for financial, legal, and professional services. Below you will find a complete listing of our outside counsel.