Please Help Us Reach Beyond Homelessness, To Provide Kids With Coats

It’s more than obvious that our main objective is to serve the un-sheltered homeless population.

But people in need extend far beyond that scope.  Which is why we remain very flexible in our mission to serve.

Each year we collect thousands of coats to distribute to those without one.  Last winter we were contacted by several schools about coats for their students who were without a coat in the dead of winter.  We worked hard and were able to provide many students with a warm coat.

This year is no different.  The challenge is back!  The Little Rock School District has reached out and asked for help with many of their students who have no coat to keep them warm, and we know that others will be reaching out soon as well.

Like most of you, we’d love nothing more than to lash out at parents who let their kids go without.  As reality would have it, that accomplishes nothing and children are still cold.

Cold at school.  Cold after school.  Cold at bus stops before and after school.  And it is simply not their fault.  So, we need your help to provide for them.

Here are a few ways you can help:

1.  Order coats online from Goodshop.  Here you can receive significant discounts and often free shipping, and with each purchase a percentage is donated to our organization.  So you’re providing coats directly, and helping us with the operations of getting them where they need to go.  To do this, please click HERE.

2.  Obviously if you have children of your own, you know how quickly they outgrow their coats each year.  If you have the coats they’ve outgrown, please take a little time and drop those off at any of our drop-off locations listed HERE.

3.  We continuously get requests for a coat for a sex/size that we just don’t have.  We refuse to ignore that need and will go and purchase a coat to meet that specific need.  Obviously that takes money, something we hate to ask for but must.  If you’d like to simply contribute financially to help us meet those needs, please use the donate button after you click HERE.  Please be sure that you specify that you want your support to go to coats when you process your donation.  If you prefer to mail a check, our mailing address is also listed on that link.

4.  PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD.  We all know many people who have coats shoved away that we or our kids aren’t going to use.  Please ask around.  Send the link to this post in an email to friends or co-workers.  Tweet it, share it on Facebook.  Anything you can do to reach those that may be able to help is a BIG help to this effort.

We can’t thank you all enough for your support, love and prayers.  There’s no way that we could any of this stuff if it weren’t for you.  You’re all amazing!!

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  1. The ark rice depot maintains a coat closet. When a child has no coat and you don’t have yhe right size, give them a call. It will be free.

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