Happy “Socktober” from Love in Stereo!!


A couple weeks ago I got an email from Brad at Love In Stereo.  He said that he had been doing a silly sock give away on his blog, but wanted to turn it into something real…..something that mattered.  He said he wanted to use this silly sock thing to help us stock up on socks.

So he wrote a song.  But not just any song.  A song that you can purchase for a simple $5 and all the proceeds are going to go to stocking our sock supply!  I’m pretty sure this song will now be the “official” theme song for The Van.

Here, let him tell you more about it….


How cool is that??  Wanna check out the “music video” of this socksong? Check it…


To see more of what Love in Stereo is doing to help us, check out happysocktober.com!!

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