Current Needs and Wish List 10/19/11

We are frequently asked what our current needs are, and sometimes asked what we would wish for if we could have something to make our operations easier.

Here are a few things in both categories.  And drop-off locations are listed HERE.

Immediate Needs: 

Coats (men, women, & children)

Socks (men & women)

Underwear (men & women)


Sleeping bags

Firewood for homeless camps

Clothing racks

Pallet racks

Fuel cards

Kroger cards

*reminder* We do recycle aluminum cans and scrap metal to help fund our efforts.  If you could help us save cans or metal, that would be an easy and effective way to help drive our ministry!  


Wish List:

ATV – We are seeking some type of ATV that would allow us to haul large amounts of supplies through the woods to some of the homeless camps that we serve.  This would save us a lot of time and allow us to serve more people.

Box truck – As we continue growing, we receive more and more bulk donations.  We are “wishing” for a box truck that would equip us to pick up larger donations and those that come on pallets.

Vans – One of our big missions is to establish more “Vans” in more places.  The number of requests for help that we are getting from other geographic areas is increasing.  In order to serve these people, we need more vans.  If you would like to donate an old (or new) van, or contribute to the purchase of more vans, please let us know!


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