Current Needs and Wish List 9/5/11

We are frequently asked what our current needs are, and sometimes asked what we would wish for if we could have something to make our operations easier.

Here is are a few things in both categories….


-New Underwear (men’s and women’s, all sizes)
-Bras (can be used, if clean and in good shape)
-Bottled water
-Rain gear (ponchos, umbrellas, etc.)
-First-aid kits (need at least one in each vehicle, and one at each camp)
-Fire extinguishers (need to have one in each vehicle)
-Tankless water heater for mobile shower unit
-Places to put a donation drop-off box (churches or businesses)
-Places to sell our wristbands and t-shirts
-Cordless framing nail gun

Wish List:

-Industrial/warehouse size shelving
-Box-truck with lift for picking up large donations and pallets of goods
-Centrally located warehouse space
-An accountant who would donate some time to help us with record keeping
-Small amount of land to set up our travel trailers that we’ll use to get people out of the elements immediately

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